How to found in Germany? - Workshop for international students

16. November 2021
16:00 - 18:00 Uhr

How to found in Germany? - Workshop for international students


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Anmeldefrist: 15 November, 2021 Teilnehmer: Noch 42 freie Plätze Zielgruppe: Absolvent/in, Mitarbeiter/in, Sonstige und Student/in Beginn: 16. November 2021 16:00 Uhr Ende: 16. November 2021 18:00 Uhr


There are many things to learn about the German administration system and which affords you have to make to found properly!

We will teach you the "hard facts" you need to know because founding in Germany ist more than find teamartners, write a business plan or get your financing. You need to know, to which departments you have to go, which documents you have to fill out and what the meaning of all the German regulations is.

Together with the ISM Mainz and the Foreigners' Registration Office we will help you to make the first steps to your self-employment during and after graduation:

Practical examples will be used to explain the possibilities of self-employment.


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